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Margarita Charter

From the Cyclades to the Peloponnese
Boarding in Milos on June 27th
Disembarkation in Kalamata on 4th July
€ 580 per person in a double cabin
Sailing in the Aegean is a unique experience. The June sun, the wind that will push us from island to island, the Meltemi that begins to dominate. Boarding in the port of Milos, We will take baths in crystal clear waters, recreational walks or to visit places of interest, healthy reading all surrounded by excellent food cooked on board and enjoyed in the typical Greek taverns There will be the opportunity to fish and grill near a lit bonfire in deserted beaches I will be happy, if you wish, to let you participate in the management of the boat and the maneuvers on board by sailing on a fast and safe boat equipped to navigate the Aegean sea. We will sail a few days in the Cyclades, Paros, iOS, Santorini, and then sail across the channel to the Peloponnese Monemvasia, Elafonnisos, and finally Kalamata where the first week's landing will take place
Boarding in the port of Milos reachable by Aegean flight from Athens or by fast ferry from Piraeus, it will be a unique and unforgettable opportunity to sail and visit Greece in many of its facets, from the white and blue houses of the Cyclades to the history of the Peloponnese, for then head into the equally crystalline but calmer waters of the Ionian Islands. On board I am very attentive to eco-sustainability and respect for the environment, we will separate our waste to be recycled, we will use eco soaps, we will travel mainly by sail. I will be honored to introduce you to the most beautiful places on each island, to let you eat the delicacies that Greece offers, on board and in the tavern. I will be very pleased, if you wish, to assign roles for the management of the boat and participate in the maneuvers. The boat is very fast and safe, equipped with every comfort. I am available for any questions, doubts or needs you may have about it. There is also the possibility of continuing navigation to the Ionian islands

I am available for any questions, doubts or needs you may have about it

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